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Our production facilities are located both in UAE and in other countries.

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lecston water heater

Why Choose Us

Lecston Brand Has Been The Largest Manufacturer Of Water Heaters In Italy And One Of The Leading In The World

Quality Products

Lecston Supplies Only High Quality Products That We Truly Believe In.

Competitive Pricing

Lecston Finds A Good Balance Between Quality And Price. They Are The Best Value-For-Money Products

Constant Innovation

Lecston Constantly Keeps Up With The Latest Technology And Innovation To Suit Market Needs

Eco Friendly

Lecston Creates And Implements Safe Environment And Healty Eco System.

Expertly Crafted and Beautifully Designed

Lecston Has Experts Who Understand The Beautify Of Products That Bring New Sensations To Your Shower Bath.

Lecston Brand In UAE Has Been

The Leader In Sales Among Electric Storage Water Heaters

For Many Years.